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Students at the Musicial Arts Schoolhouse in Frisco, TX

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Our private arts Preschool and Kindergarten in Frisco, Texas
provides academic programs in a nurturing environment where children
develop physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially through playful preschool participation and exploration of the performing arts.

Year Round Open Enrollment!

Limited to 60 Students per Preschool Program,
and 15 Students for Kindergarten.

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Contact Preschool Director Chris Duncan at, or call 972-346-8236.


We provide a private school program for preschool age children (3-5 year olds) and a Kindergarten program (5 and up) that targets each child’s emotional, intellectual, social and physical development through the arts. Two-day, three-day and five-day options available. Children rotate through five classes each day, and the curriculum targets academic learning in each class through: music, art, dance, theatre, and academics plus Spanish.

“Preschool and Kindergarten Children excel in a learning environment rich with many daily activities that stimulate the creative part of learning” says Chris Duncan, the school’s owner. “Our goal is to help preschool and Kindergarten children maintain a wide-eyed enthusiasm about learning and excelling in academics with the freedom to express themselves through the arts.

We are dedicated to capturing each child’s natural desire to learn and to satisfy their true hunger for a meaningful experience in preschool.” Our preschool and kindergarten graduates are the leaders in their next school experience!


The Kids Day Out and Preschool focuses on the basics of Kindergarten readiness; letters, shapes, colors, numbers, counting, calendar, weather, writing, history, geography, holidays, socialization, class behavior and circle time, etc. Child guided themes are woven into the fabric of each area of the preschool, and activities are coordinated between all teachers.

For example, if a theme of transportation is chosen, then cars, planes and trains will be discovered in each area of study. The music component will be songs about cars, planes and trains; dancers will dance to “Chattanooga Choo, Choo”, “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane”, and “Life is a Highway”; art projects will revolve around crafts, drawing and painting modes of transportation; and theatre students read books and act out fairy tales involving the theme. Letters, counting, reading and writing, history, etc. are all included.


Children at this private Kids Day Out/Preschool and Kindergarten are busy! Students rotate through our five classrooms each day, and - YES - that means they get to interact with our five amazing lead teachers plus our classroom assistants! Each class time is concentrated on skill building with age appropriate preschool activities, and the teachers make it fun. “Our faculty is highly trained in their area of artistic discipline, and have a genuine love for this age group” says Duncan.

The Musical Arts Schoolhouse is a licensed child-care center for Kids Day Out/Preschool and Kindergarten and is located inside the Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts, a premier private music and arts school in the area, at Preston and Main Street in Frisco.


Young children need a Preschool and Kindergarten environment that includes a variety of sound sources, selected recorded music and opportuinities for free improvised singing and the building of a repertoire of songs in different modes and meters. We use an exploratory approach, using a wide range of appropriate materials to form a rich base of musical understanding.

Singing and playing simple instruments, creating music, responding to music through movement, finding our singing voices and exploring the piano are included in our program. 

Our creative curriculum is delightful and appealing to our young learners. Drumming and barred instruments, glockenspiels, and other rhythm instruments are used in creative ways of moving and making music. Beginning graphic notation and music notation is introduced at each age level. Two yearly shows feature our Kids Day Out/Preschool and Kindergarten students and what they are exploring.


Moving to music comes naturally to Preschool and Kindergarten children. Students learn the basics of tap, jazz, ballet and even hip-hop! Plus the vocabulary and terminology used for the steps and choreography of our fun dances. Children can’t wait to put on their tap and ballet shoes and get moving.

Organized patterns of movement to music teach form and style with creativity, giving children a chance to use their imagination and make up their very own dances, and follow simple routines. 

Students are so proud to share what they have learned with parents and friends at the two yearly fun shows-with professional costumes. Monthly themes help your little one explore creativity, coordination and expression as we create “story dances” together in our private preschool and Kindergarten.


Our innovative language curriculum for young Kids Day Out, Preschool and Kindergarten learners incorporates singing, phonics, play and movement since this combination increases critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of the mind of young children in Preschool and Kindergarten.

Research has shown that exposing children to a second language during their fomative years assists in developing a certain area of the brain that is related to improved cognitive functions. 

Our Spanish Language Program exposes children to the concept of "object permanence", or recognizing that an object remains the same even though it has a different name in another language. We focus on aural, verbal and written skills. Included basics are: Spanish colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet, animals, members of the family, songs (and knowing the meaning of the words in the song), Spanish story books and following classroom directions in Spanish.


Private Preschool in Frisco, TX  

The Musical Arts Schoolhouse is a licensed PRESCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN child-care center located in the Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts.

Our location; 9255 Preston Road at Main Street in Frisco, Texas serves the surrounding communities of Plano, Allen, McKinney, Celina, Prosper, Little Elm, The Colony and Dallas in addition to Frisco.


Our drama and theatre activities emphasize the process of “pretend play” and “make-believe” and story telling for prescool and Kindergarten. Our focus is on the positive development of imagination and self-esteem for each student.

A wonderful introduction to theatre filled with imaginative journeys, games, improvisation and more. Students will learn self-confidence, cooperation, teamwork, and creative thinking. 

Includes: parts of a story, character development, feelings, proper theatre etiquette, puppets, identification of types of theaters, basic theatre terminology, stage directions, the three steps of design, basic make-up application, storytelling, emotions and how to express through voice, face and body. The teacher will guide the class on a theatrical journey through fairy tales, fables, tall tales and more. Instructor guided, and child inspired. Two yearly shows on a child-friendly stage where your Kids Day Out, Preschool and Kindergarten child will SHINE!


Not your typical arts-and-crafts for us! Children learn about famous artists, what they are famous for, the medium they use, and then get to "mimic" the artists work. Wait 'till you see the two yearly art gallery shows the students prepare!

Children use organic and child-friendly materials to explore the themes at hand and create amazing and meaningful pieces while understanding the artists concepts/movements involved. 

Primary Colors, concepts and vocabulary, correct positioning and control of art tools, lines and shapes, basic understanding of artists and their style and techniques. Brightly-colored art projects and carefully constructed crafts are proudly presented to parents by excited children waiting for positive reinforcement for a “job well done” from mom and dad! Research shows and experts agree; Exploring and creating with art materials helps young children become more sensitive to their environment, and increases social, emotional, and even cognitive development. Young Preschool and Kindergarten children come into class with such enthusiasm and excitement. Drawing, painting, crafts, mixed-media and more…..the possibilities are endless!


The Musical Arts Schoolhouse is Frisco's unique premier Kindergarten with performing arts included! We focus on the development of the whole child and meeting each child's individual needs, challenging your child to reach their full potential.

What this means for your child is that the curriculum is based on their strengths and challenges, not the class as a whole. Your child will be learning from a customized workbook based curriculum combining two core educational programs.

Your child will experience a learning environment that is structured but fun through traditional Kindergarten academics such as reading, writing, hands on science, history, mathematics, iPad lab and no-bake cooking PLUS our all-inclusive performing arts classes that only MAS can offer.

Students have an amazing opportunity to experience their Kindergarten education in addition to lessons in Music with instruments (including piano), Theatre, Dance, Spanish and Art.

There is a state of the art computer lab with iPads right in the classroom! This allows students to explore the world of computers through the wide variety of academic applications offered from the iPad.

Students are engaged in small group ratios of 1:7 allowing more one on one instruction. In order to incorporate a stronger academic schedule, instead of rotating every hour through the disciplines they will rotate 2 hours per day to the "performing art specials" on an "A" and "B" weekly schedule.

If you think about it, your child has the rest of their academic life to attend "regular school" and sit behind a desk with 25-35 kids in each class. Why not choose an unforgettable, personal and amazing arts-based academic environment for Preschool and Kindergarten? Call us today!!!


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