2019 Summer Camps in Frisco, Texas

Get ready for the upcoming 2019 Summer Camps in Frisco, Texas at the Musical Arts Schoolhouse and Frisco School of Music and Frisco School of Performing Arts. Download brochure to print here:

More Details and Information on Specific 2019 Summer Camps in Frisco Texas for 2019 at the Musical Arts Schoolhouse

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  1. Extreme Disney (Day Camp)
  2. Mad Science (Day Camp)
  3. Superhero Academy (Day Camp)
  4. Showbiz Kidz (Day Camp)
  5. Paradise Island (Day Camp)
  6. Abracadabra (Day Camp)
  7. Glow in the Dark (Day Camp)
  8. Art Creative (Half Day Camp)
  9. Broadway Showcase (Half Day Camp)
  10. Intro Music Sampler for Piano, Voice, Guitar and Drum (Half Day Camp)
  11. Intro to Drums Fun Camp (Spotlight Intro Camp)
  12. Intro to Piano Fun Camp (Spotlight Intro Camp)
  • Summer Camps – seven weeks over June/July/August
    Monday – Friday
  • Half Day (8:30am-12:30pm) or Full Day (till 6:00pm)
  • Optional early morning drop off at 7:30am for a small fee
  • Exciting new camp theme each week!
  • Daily Music, Art, Dance, Theatre, Spotlight and Snack/Recess

MORNING ACTIVITIES 8:30am- 12:30pm:

  • Campers arrive to their designated homeroom (grouped by age-range) and move through six period classes each day, with activities that relate to our weekly theme!
  • The six classes are:
    • Music
    • Art
    • Dance
    • Theatre
    • Spotlight and
    • Snack/Recess
    • …each about 40 minutes (more about Spotlight later).

AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES 12:30pm – 6:00pm:

  • Lunch 12:30-1:15pm (campers bring their peanut free lunch)
  • 12:30-6:00pm: Young campers (ages 4 and some 5’s) have a brief rest period that is required by licensing, then continue with activities.
  • All campers have afternoon extended activities that relate to our weekly theme, and include general crafts, music, books, movement, games, projects and FUN!

FRIDAYS: We have DRESS-UP DAY and EVENT DAY each Friday at summer camps!

  • Campers are encouraged to dress- up in their favorite outfit that goes with our weekly theme, we have face painting on campus as well!
  • PLUS we have a themed “movie under the stars” with popcorn for event day (once in a while we have a live event visitor like a magician or live character – this is not for each week).

OUR TEACHERS: Our Lead Teachers are professionals in their field of discipline – not just a summer camp fill-in teacher! All teachers and camp assistants are adults (age 18 or above, high-school graduate or above, background check and fingerprinted).

  • MUSIC: Sing favorite songs or learn something new plus play instruments! In this class we’ll be featuring songs relating to the theme of the week you choose. Campers will learn about tonal and rhythm patterns through song, instruments and movement. They’ll play singing games, learn the musical alphabet, and so much more.
  • ART: Class will feature a different artist each week. Campers will learn some art history, techniques associated w/featured artist, explore different artist tools and supplies. They can let their inner crafty-self loose. All projects and crafts will reflect the theme of the week with varied materials as each week goes by.
  • THEATRE: Campers will learn theatre terminology, performance tips, costume/prop making and how to work together with team building activities. Campers will get a chance to show off their puppetry skills, put on mini skits (in-class), dramatic play, and so much more.
  • DANCE: Ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap and tumbling throughout the week, learning fun sequencing andcombinations to modern songs associated with the theme of the week. Warm-ups, stretch, learn technique, free dance, play dance games and so much more fun!
  • SPOTLIGHT ON SUMMER: (SOS) Academics with summer fun twists
    • Monday: Science Day
    • Tuesday: STEM/Engineering
    • Wednesday: No-bake Cooking
    • Thursday: iPad/Table-top Activities
    • Friday: Board Games Day

Previous Summer Camps we Have Done in Frisco:

  1. Jungle Safari
  2. Space Travelers


6 Critical Benefits to Children Who Attend Our Frisco Summer Camps

If you have ever attended camp yourself you probably already know that a good Summer Camp can benefit you in more ways than one. They are more than just a fun place for kids to be when school is not in session. They actually have some great long term meaningful benefits.

Jess Michaels is the Director of Communications for the American Camp Association, NY and NJ. ACA-Accreditation is a parent’s best evidence of a camp’s commitment to health and safety, and it ensures that children are provided with a diversity of educational and developmentally challenging learning opportunities.

Jess Michaels, the Director of Communications for the American Camp Association, NY and NJ. ACA-Accreditation wrote this incredible article for Parent Guide News:

For generations, children have spent their summers at day and sleepaway camps, trying new activities such as swimming, hiking, and various sports. But what many families may not realize is that camp provides children with different opportunities to develop important life skills that are difficult to achieve in any other environment. Below are just a few of the many benefits your children will gain from the summer camp experience.


At camp, children gain valuable life skills. In fact, an organization called The Partnership for 21st Century Skills (comprising a group of businesses, education leaders, and policymakers) has found there is a large gap between the knowledge students learn in school and the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century.

After extensive research, the organization determined that some of the skills necessary to become successful adults are communication, collaboration, creativity, leadership, socialization, and problem solving. All of these areas are fostered in the camp environment.

Campers are always communicating with each other, either on the field or in the bunk, learning to work together as a team and as part of the camp community. They also get to be leaders at camp, whether through guiding a first-time younger camper or managing their camp Olympics team. Campers learn to navigate on their own and solve problems by themselves. They engage in many creative outlets, too.


There is more to learning than test taking and achieving good grades. Camp offers one of the most powerful learning environments and can be a place where a child’s social education takes place. It provides children with the opportunity to try new activities.

When children succeed at these activities, they build self-esteem. Children also build social skills and problem- solving skills by being part of a supportive community and partaking in activities together. Campers are challenged and encouraged to grow every day.


Today’s children spend more than 7.5 hours a day engaged with technology, which often takes the place of vital hands-on activities and socialization opportunities. The majority of summer camps ban most technology, including TV, smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Taking a break from technology over the summer allows children to communicate face to face.


Balancing school schedules, homework, and extracurricular activities doesn’t leave much room for play. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reports that free and unstructured play is healthy and essential for helping children to reach important social, emotional, and cognitive developmental milestones. It also helps kids manage stress. Traditional summer camps give children plenty of play time, which leads to healthy emotional and social development.


Students often attend school year after year with the same peers, which can lead to labeling and being “stuck” with a particular perception. A child may become known as studious, quiet, etc., when, really, he can be boisterous in another setting.

Children who go to day or sleepaway camps meet a whole other group of people in a different environment. Often times, a child will break out of his supposed categorization if given the chance. Children get to reinvent themselves at camp and be who they truly want to be, which helps them to build confidence.


When children go to camp, they are given the opportunity to grow more independent. Whether for a day or an entire summer, separation from one’s parents means a camper has to learn to rely on himself and other trusted adults and peers. Separation from parents gives a child the ability to think independently, which builds self-esteem.


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