What Are the Best Preschools in Frisco, Texas?

If you are a parent in the market for a the best preschools in Frisco, Texas, you know the options are daunting. With 88+ options to choose from and references that are all over the map from other parents, it can be difficult to decide. To make it more difficult, many schools require you to physically visit the school with your child before giving you pertinent information like pricing and class structure.

We have pulled together information from the top schools in the area to answer the question, “What Are the Best Preschools in Frisco, Texas?” We get it, at the Musical Arts Schoolhouse we’re biased, but our school isn’t always the best option. And we feel it is important to find a preschool that your student will feel safe, loved, encouraged and best matches their individual needs.

Before we discuss individual schools, it is important to discuss what are important aspects to look for when selecting the best preschool in Frisco, Texas for your child.

Key Elements Define All the Best Preschools in Frisco, Texas

  1. Location. This doesn’t have the loving and affectionate feeling as the other attributes, but location is important. Many of our parents work long hours and driving 20 miles out of the way of their already long commute is out of the question. Map out your daily commute and how far off the track you are willing to go to reach your child’s school. Keep in mind that certain main thoroughfares are faster to navigate than small neighborhood roads. Select a school near your home, work or commute that is easy for you to access.
  2. Pricing. Another realistic measurement that is unique to each family. Daycare and preschool are not inexpensive and, oftentimes, the best programs are out of reach for many families. Decide on your family’s unique budget and then research all the expenses that will go along with each school. Not all schools have an all inclusive price! There are enrollment and registration fees, supply fees, lunch fees, trip fees, extracurricular costs, uniforms…and many others. Make sure to ask the director to give you a list of ALL costs involved and identify which ones are one-time versus reoccurring. This is not an area you want surprises.
  3. Multiple Children. Some families have one child, others have many. Will you be able to send all of your kids to the one best school in Frisco or will only one of your kids fit the model or age range and you will need multiple school drop-offs and pick-ups? Is there a discount for having multiple children en
  4. Culture. This element is hard to define, but you will know it in your gut when you see it in person. Your child is unique and has different needs to help transform them into the Kindergarten-ready,  future Valedictorian, Harvard grad, next Frida Kahlo, that you are molding. Some families will prefer a strict discipline and structured environment, while other will prefer a play-based model. Others meanwhile, like the Musical Arts Schoolhouse or Spanish Schoolhouse have very specific, advanced, learning models.
  5. Try Before You Buy. Does the school give you time to see the class in action? Some schools will let you look through the window, some like The Goddard School will allow you to try a half day. Others, like The Musical Arts Schoolhouse, will allow you to try a full class day with activities included. While one day is not sufficient to completely integrate a student who has never been away from mom, it will give you as the parent an understanding of what the school is REALLY like for your student. You can schedule your free discovery day at the Musical Arts Schoolhouse by “Clicking Here”.
  6. Facilities. Would you want to be in their facilities and care? Is it the environment that your child prefers? Does it feel like one of the best preschools in Frisco, Texas when you walk in the building? Some schools are filled with bright sunlight, others have a calm, lower lighting levels. Some schools are filled with excitement over every square inch of wall space while others are more bare and minimalistic. Are instructors hands off and cold or warm with hugs and greetings to your student each morning? What your family and child desires is unique to you and your school should reflect the culture and environment that is best for you.
  7. Kindergarten Readiness. Down to brass tax. Will the school prepare your student to be at least on par with their peers? Is there a set curriculum based on facts and studies specific to developing children? Or is it more of a daycare environment letting the kids run the roost? While learning through play is a proven concept, some degree of routine is desired by children and will help them be more prepared for future schooling environments.
  8. Future Studies. What if your child isn’t ready to enter the world of antiquated public education with large class sizes when they turn 5; is there an option to continue on with the preschool another year as a private Kindergarten option? If your child turns 5 after the September 1st cut off date, but you would like them to move forward with Kindergarten because they are mature and ready for advanced education, is there an option to start official Kindergarten studies? Does the preschool offer holiday, summer and other programs for the students during down time or once they age out of the preschool allowing the students to maintain meaningful relationships with the faculty they have come to love?
  9. Flexible Schedule. The majority of all the best preschools in Frisco, Texas would prefer your child in a 5 day, all day, program that best suit the preschool riders needs to maximize income. But that option isn’t right for every family. Some students with stay at home parents or work at home parents can benefit from 2-Day and 3-Day options as well as half day programs. Other parents commuting to and from work need early drop off and late pickup options. Ensure the school you choose will work with your schedule without having to hire an additional nanny or pay for more than you need.
  10. Extracurricular Activities. Most schools in the area have extracurricular activities in one of two forms.
    • Option one is the after school option where instructors and other companies come in to provide activities like karate, dance or soccer. These extracurricular activities carry an additional cost. Some will be taught at the lowest level, for example, dance is taught without proper shoes and your child will never do a formal show. Others will include uniforms and offsite instructions. Ask.
    • The other option in-house extracurricular activities that range from foreign language studies, sports, arts and more depending on the school you choose. For example, Spanish Schoolhouse focuses on Spanish and Latin American music, dance, food, geography, and traditions throughout their curriculum. At the Musical Art Schoolhouse, our students participate in art classes each day by certified instructors with backgrounds that reflect what they teach. For example, in our dance class, our instructors have years of their own dance instruction in addition to proper dance instructor certifications. The kids wear actual ballet and tap shoes and participate in two dance recitals each year on a real stage with lighting, costumes, and live feed broadcast obliterating concerns over stage fright.
  11. Allergies. Are their strict policies in place to ensure your students specific food and health needs are followed and protected? The best preschools in Frisco, Texas predominately have a zero peanut policy, but ask, don’t assume they will watch your child with food.

Top 10 Best Preschools in Frisco, Texas

  1. Musical Arts Schoolhouse Private Preschool & Kindergarten
  2. Spanish School House
  3. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy
  4. Frisco Montessori Academy
  5. The Goddard School
  6. Creme de la Creme
  7. Carpe Diem Preschool
  8. Apple Creek Private Preschool
  9. Primrose School
  10. Children’s Learning Adventure

And because we are biased when it comes to the best preschools in Frisco, Texas…

8 benefits of becoming a Musical Arts Schoolhouse student:

ONE. Chose a school with a proven track record of excellence.

Our Preschool and Kindergarten Graduates are the leaders in their next school experience. Your child will receive a customized academic education to reach their highest potential in reading, writing, math, and cognitive thinking, PLUS a complete arts program each day.

TWO. Education, quality care and a full arts program rolled into one!

The School Curriculum is coordinated throughout the academics and arts classes so understanding and deep learning is retained by our students. Our Preschoolers and Kindergarteners receive one-on-one attention in our caring and nurturing environment.

THREE. Convenient location and flexible daily/weekly schedules to accommodate busy families.

We offer a flexible schedule for our busy families: 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day options for your child, half/full day schedules as well. Our location is right in the middle of Frisco, TX – Preston Road at Main Street – inside the Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts Building with ample parking and clean/updated facilities.

FOUR. Become part of a unique, once-in-a-lifetime memory-making experience.

If you think about it, children have the rest of their academic lives to attend “regular school” and sit behind a desk with 25-35 kids in each class. Why not choose an unforgettable, personal and amazing arts-based academic environment for Preschool and Kindergarten? Call us today!!!

FIVE. Complete campus setting with a Performing Arts Center.

Our campus in Frisco, TX has two large buildings with joyful, inviting and charming classrooms and a professional performing arts center. We devote fully equipped rooms for each of our special daily classes: Academics, Spanish, Music, Art, Dance and Theatre. We are the largest private performing arts Preschool and Kindergarten in the North Texas area.

SIX. Private conferences for parent/teacher meetings.

We set aside two yearly opportunities for parents to have individual parent/teacher conferences with our full teacher panel (not just your Homeroom Teacher). Our families rave about the personalized assessments our five Lead Teachers prepare each Spring as an individual report for their child (Academics, Spanish, Music, Art, Dance, Theatre).

SEVEN. Professional office staff on hand full time to assist parents.

Our phones are answered 24/7, and our staff is available to assist you personally each school day. Our School Owner/Director is personally on campus daily. Plus, since we are inside the Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts building, we have extended staff on campus front desk to help outside our regular school hours – even on the weekends!

EIGHT. Great Teachers and Class Assistants. Very low turnover.

Our Teachers are specialists in their artistic discipline, plus professionals in early childhood development and teaching. We nurture and care for each and every student at our Preschool and Kindergarten. Since every child at our school rotates to each Lead Teacher daily, combined with low student to teacher ratios, we get to know your child very, very well.

Lots to consider for the best preschools in Frisco, Texas

Consider the specifics of your family situation. Ask lots of questions, visit when possible and do your due diligence to ensure you find the best preschool or private Kindergarten for your child.

We are happy to assist you in your search here at the Musical Arts Schoolhouse. You can find us near the intersection of Main Street and Preston Road in Frisco, Texas at 972-346-8236. You’ll find a fun & inspirational school that cultivates your students learning with arts and language, not test and sitting in the same spot.

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