Daily Art Class Preschool and Kindergarten Program in Frisco, Texas

At Musical Art Schoolhouse, our Art Class Preschool and Kindergarten Program are very unique. This is not your typical water-color-tray type of art class!

Art Projects for Preschool Students in Frisco, Texas

General learning about art and art history is included, centered around the seven elements of art that are line, shape, space, value, form, texture, patterns and color. We host two yearly art gallery shows for our students, where they have a chance to not only display and “unveil their masterpieces” but also tell us about the techniques and mediums they used for their creations.

We focus on two basic ways to explore learning art:

  1. First is our daily, art technique introduction and practice time. Students have lots of creative time here, with “go-home” art pages full of their personal inspiration and technique practice creations. Students have the freedom to do their own thing within the suggestions of the techniques and mediums we are learning about. Children learn how to draw step by step simple pictures of things in their world, about animals, weather, their home environment.
  2. Second is preparation for Art Gallery Pieces. Here, students take their time and plan out how their art piece will want to look for our special gallery shows, going slowly and step-by-step, thinking carefully about what comes next, and mastering specific techniques that are introduced. We take our inspiration from master artists and even local artists! YES…your child really did make these gallery art pieces!

Art for Preschool in Frisco, Texas

Here are more details about what is included in our Art Program:

Each week, we designate an ARTIST OF THE WEEK. Children “meet” a new artist, we discuss about the artists background, where they are from, techniques they are famous for, and how we will create our art pieces by mimicking the artists’ pieces. We read something more about the featured artist or period, we may watch a quick video about the artist, and discuss colors and materials that we are going to use for the rest of the week.

How to teach your preschool child art in Frisco, Texas

Step by step we guide each child to learn how to paint, draw, and how to use the tools and professional art materials necessary to make this project. We use different mediums like acrylic, pastels, watercolor, markers, ink, and coloring pencils. We work on wood, paper, canvas, recycle materials, and clay. For our Art Gallery pieces, children may work on a project for one to two weeks.

Best preschool in Frisco, Texas teaches art

Kindergarten has more detailed expectations, and always has a challenge project. They do their own tracing and love to come up with their own project ideas.

Paint Class for Preschool in Frisco, Texas

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