Daily Dance Class Preschool and Kindergarten Program in Frisco, Texas

You already know this…your child LOVES to dance and with Daily Dance Class in our Preschool and Kindergarten Program in Frisco, Texas – they can!

We are so fortunate here at MAS to have dedicated class time each day that is devoted to really learning about the beginnings of how to dance (not just jumping up and down or free dance!). And, all with our professional dance instructor!

In fact, our dance program begins with REAL dance shoes – jazz, tap and ballet shoes for each child (included in your School Membership), and we use proper shoes each day in class. As far as we know, we are the only Preschool/Kindergarten that includes real dance classes in their daily schedule.

Dance is all about thinking, sending information from our brains to our bodies in an ordered way, sequencing, and remembering what comes “next”, plus of course listening to instructions and moving with the music! Wow – and all of that great learning happens in a joyful and encouraging class time with our friends!

Dance Classes include these types of activities:

  1. Stretching
  2. Full body warm-ups
  3. Healthy body information
  4. Muscle awareness
  5. Dance styles
  6. Forms

They learn specific dance steps for ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop using professional terminology and vocabulary. We travel across the floor along with learning different combinations, formations, sequencing and choreography, followed by a review of terminology and closing etiquette.

Our dancers are featured in two themed full-costume shows each year, right here at our professional arts center stage, with rehearsals and live-show-broadcasts.

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