Daily Music Class in Preschool and Kindergarten Classes in Frisco, Texas

Singing, movement and playing instruments comes alive in our daily music class in preschool and kindergarten programs at the Musical Arts Schoolhouse!

Our music classes are committed to integrated music education, since we follow our weekly school themes throughout all departments here. We address the total musical experience; the pathways to music literacy, and learning specific music skills.

Each daily music class is magical, including the fun process of listening and moving, vocalizing, playing instruments, creating or reading music, and enjoying ensembles. You can tell that our students are enjoying while learning, since they are smiling and having fun, being actively engaged in telling stories through music.

Our objective in all music activities is to encourage children to sing and move (or play instruments) at the same time. We are building the learning pathways in the brain, using material and themes from the child’s world of animals, seasons and their home life. Children build an amazing vocabulary through our songs from around the world and many cultures.

Movement: Stationary movement and traveling movement, whole body and hand gestures, including American Sign Language are included. Our movement menu is packed full of fun and engaging age-appropriate moves like: walking, marching, tip-toe, hopping, tapping, clapping, pushing, pulling, pounding, swaying, pointing, partners and many more.

Listening: Our focused listening opportunities include listening to self, identifying sounds, appreciate sounds within a music ensemble, and in the world of nature, become acquainted with the families of instruments, and consider and appreciate music of many styles and modes. All of this happens through themed songs and recordings.

Vocal Development: how to use our singing voice is explored at each class. We use vocal imitation of all kinds of sounds and exploration of range, graphic notation, singing games with student involvement, appropriate songs and rhymes, chants and poems are used frequently. Language and speech are music, and using the rhythm of language is one of the best avenues to singing and ensemble development.

Playing Instruments: Children love to feel the instruments, make sounds with them and to listen to their own creations. This kinesthetic experience develops awareness of how the body feels as it moves. Refined finger movements and motor control with steady beats and improvised ensembles. In our classes, we explore many instruments over the school year, and piano keyboard exploration is also included.

Sample class instruments include: drums (including hand drums, tom-tom, bongo, conga, ocean drum), tambourines, bells and triangles, sand blocks, finger cymbals and maracas, castanets, tone block, guiro tone block, tick-tock block, hand bell and cluster bells, claves, cymbals, rhythm sticks, tone bars, glockenspiel, xylophone, metallophone, boom whackers, small piano keyboards, full size digital pianos.

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