Daily Spanish Class for Preschool and Kindergarten in Frisco, Texas

Teaching a second language, like Spanish Class for Preschool and Kindergarten, should be relevant and fun for children, and that is exactly how we approach learning Spanish here at the Musical Arts Schoolhouse. Our teachers are native speakers and instill a love of language and the Latin culture in each daily Spanish Class. We teach through active learning, songs, puppets, flash cards and books, call-and-response and drawing letters and words in Spanish. Students retain their learning since Spanish class is every day!

Our School holds Spanish class EACH DAY for Preschool and Kindergarten.

Class begins each day with a greeting song that teaches children different ways to greet our family and friends in Spanish. We say hello, good morning, good afternoon, good night, what’s your name, how are you, are you in school, see you tomorrow, see you later, and more etc.

We continue with our word of the week. A new word every week that always is related to our theme of the week, animal of the week or shape of the week, and this corresponds with our weekly work page. We learn the word in Spanish how many syllables that word has (to improve pronunciation) and we color our work page all together.

The class is an “emersion” since all materials and instructions are mentioned in Spanish – not English! Good manners and always saying “gracias” and “de nada” when materials are handed to students, etc.

Each class includes review of course…all of the words of the week so far this school year and our new word of the week. We pronounce the word in Spanish, we divide the word by syllables (for better pronunciation), we count how many syllables are on each word. Some of our words are accompanied by a fun or silly song that uses that word for better comprehension in how you can apply that word in a sentence.

Flash cards – with “look-say-repeat” are used liberally in the classes.

Usually class ends with different songs using words about parts of the body, we sing and act out the songs and children just LOVE that! Also flash cards and songs about animals. Other weeks include the teacher reading a book in Spanish to the class about the family, and we sing and act a song about the family members, and flash cards of the Spanish Alphabet: letter sound, picture that begins with that letter which letters are the vowels  and which letters are only in the Spanish alphabet and not the English alphabet, to end with the alphabet song. This changes and repeats every for weeks since repetition is the key to learn a second language.

Every other day is calendar and circle time. Calendar begins with singing and dancing months of the year macarena style, asking how many months are in one year and what month we are in at the moment. Continue by singing the days of the week and knowing that there are 7 days in one week to after ask the children what day is today to respond by singing what day is today what day was yesterday and what day will tomorrow be. Confirm the season of the year – everything that is relating to the child’s world.

We have a mini-book with some pictures that start with a certain letter in Spanish. We cover color flash cards introducing the color of the week with the colors song. Numbers 0-25 with flash cards introducing the number of the week and numbers songs in Spanish.

Kindergarten has a more sophisticated approach to Spanish with more weekly time devoted Spanish class. We start with a greeting song and continue to a work page from the book “English-Spanish everything for early learning” and we end the class with flash cards of different places, or flash cards of things that we can find around the school, and community helpers and things that you can find in the house, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Always review off all the words we have learned on our work pages or different games in Spanish.

We also do alphabet letter sound and syllables putting together the sound of an alphabet letter followed by each vowel. This helps children to start reading in Spanish. Every other week we switch and end the class we songs about parts of your body, animals, family, alphabet or numbers 0 to 50 and counting 10’s in Spanish.

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