Daily Theater Class for Preschool and Kindergarten in Frisco, Texas

We love showing families our Theatre Classroom! Simply open the door to this magical space, and we can pretty much guarantee your reaction: “OOOOOHH, AAAAAAAAH”. Followed by the next predictable sentence…”Oh, I sure wish I had this when I was a kid!”.

Families can just imagine how much their child will love the fun and creative school days here at MAS! There is a small child-sized stage with proscenium curtain, puppets waiting for their next play, dress-up clothes, and everything needed for an amazing journey through make-believe and stories and characters.

The learning behind our daily theatre activities is brought to our students through our weekly themes and our professional teachers.

Here we have real concrete learning with a host of acting and theatre skills appropriate for our students’ ages.

Stories and characters, what-will-happen-next, emotions and facial expressions, all through theatre games and skits that create a safe place for children to open-up and participate.

Each week’s Theater Lesson plans include:

  1. Language skills
  2. Team building with listening skills and peer interaction
  3. Theatre terminology and theatre history
  4. Costumes/dress-up
  5. Stage make-up
  6. Stage blocking, props and more.
  7. Also, lots of story time with moral development, imagery and understanding.

Building confidence take practice, and we give our students many opportunities to have their turn and learn to feel comfortable. Comfortable moving on stage, speaking in front of their friends, projecting their voices (when ready), discovering emotions and facial expressions, empathy and personal reflection.

We host two theatre stage shows each school year (plus other show opportunities), and students have a chance to shine on stage – so proud to be up in front of their families at our professional performing arts center – full costumes and short group “lines” as part of the script we are sharing.

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