Music Sampler Introduction, Half Day Summer Camp in Frisco, Texas

Music Sampler Introduction Summer, half-day camp at the Frisco, Texas Musical Arts Schoolhouse for ages 8-14 with a limit of just 6 campers so each student gets individual attention

  • June 24-28
  • July 15-19 (just added)

Monday-Friday from 9:00AM-12:30PM (doors open at 8:30am) with a Show ‘n Tell stage time for parents on last camp day.

Campers get to sample piano, voice, guitar and drums over the course of this one-week super fun camp. Can’t decide what instrument is right for your child? Try them all in this fun sampler camp. We focus on basic techniques, rhythms, chords, listening skills, improvisation and more.

Each day is divided into learning introductory techniques on each instrument. Then on Friday we have a special Show ‘n Tell concert for parents and families during the last 30 minutes of camp.

Campers learn in a group setting, and some limited individual help is available from the teacher.

Our teachers are professional gigging musicians with years of playing and learning experience who love to share their passion for music with young learners. Many are members of our yearly Music Faculty.

Basic techniques for each instrument are included. And vocalists get to learn about using a mic, and moving on stage. Campers learn about reading song charts and intro to notation, and how to listen to others while playing/performing.

The teacher chooses several songs that are appropriate for the age and interest of our campers. Then, the teacher arranges parts for these songs for each of the instruments. Campers learn basics including their “parts” to these songs. Then each day they review and move to different instrument stations to get a feel for each instrument. So, campers get to play several instrument parts that go with each song. Pretty fun way to get a feel for these instruments!

Friday of camp is review of all songs, all instrument parts and run-through of the show, then….drum roll please….performance for parents and family at last 30 minutes of camp!

Campers can bring their instruments to class or use our school instruments during camp times here on campus (guitars, keyboards, drums and mics for vocals). We use real acoustic drums by the way (not electronic sets)!

AND…If students would like to continue lessons, they can participate in a progressive curriculum during the school year through our weekly MUSIC LESSONS or classes, with many yearly shows on our professional stage.

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