Preschool Class at the Musical Arts Schoolhouse

Kids Day Out and Preschoolers rotate through five classrooms daily: Music, Art, Dance, Theatre and Academics. Academics are reinforced during each class period. Performing Arts Activities open up the learning pathways to receive academics.

Kindergarten Readiness

The Kids Day Out and Preschool in Frisco focuses on the basics of Kindergarten readiness for 3 to 5 year olds; letters, shapes, colors, numbers, counting, calendar, weather, writing, history, geography, holidays, socialization, class behavior and circle time, etc.

Child guided themes are woven into the fabric of each area of the school, and activities are coordinated between all teachers.

For example, if a theme of transportation is chosen, then cars, planes and trains will be discovered in each area of study. The music component will be songs about cars, planes and trains; dancers will dance to “Chattanooga Choo, Choo”, “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane”, and “Life is a Highway”; art projects will revolve around crafts, drawing and painting modes of transportation; and theatre students read books and act out fairy tales involving the theme.

A Typical Day:

Children in Pre-K love the familiar activities of “morning circle”, and we start with this each day in Kids Day Out and Preschool Class. Weather, calendar, seasonal events and more are typical conversations that students have during this vital learning and sharing time. Weekly routines are structured around letters, numbers, writing and Kindergarten Readiness that are carried through the entire school environment.

Children at this private school are busy! Students rotate through five classrooms that focus on music, dance, theatre, art and preschool with Spanish.

Each class time is concentrated on skill building with age appropriate activities, and the teachers make it fun. The faculty is highly trained in their area of artistic discipline, and have a genuine love for this age group.

Music: A combination of instruments (including piano), composer history, creative movement, and songs.

Theatre: Building confidence and imagination with stories, puppetry, poetry, dress up, terminology, speaking on a friendly stage, and every child gets a part with our age appropriate skits.

Dance: A unisex program incorporating the techniques of Jazz, tap, hip hop and ballet.
Yes…We have LOTS of boys in our program!

Art: Our advanced art program allows students to learn about famous artists such as Picasso and Jackson Pollack with the use of a wide variety of art mediums beyond tempera paint and crayons. Some of these include sculptures, Mosaics, acrylic paint on canvas, and paper mâchè. Students also learn about art terminology, 2D/3D art, color mixing and so much more!

Our Bonus Program Includes: Stay till 3:45 for more Kids Day Out and Preschool Fun with extended themed activities.

Spanish: Students learn the basics of this foreign language through a combination structured academics, activities and fun games weekly.

Computer Technology: Students enjoy a variety of fun educational software including virtual cooking and virtual dress up weekly.

Events: Our students showcase their knowledge of the arts through four major events a year. Our music concerts, art galleries, theatre skits, and dance performances with professional costumes allow families to see what their children are learning at the Musical Arts Schoolhouse! Plus all of the traditional seasonal school special activities that make it to our calendar of events!

The Musical Arts Schoolhouse is a licensed child-care center and is located at the Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts, a premier private music and arts school in the area, at Preston and Main Street in Frisco.

Meet the Lead Preschool Teacher: Ms. Vicki

My name is Ms. Vicki. I was born and raised on a little farm in MO. After high school, I attended Southwest Baptist University where I majored in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Art Appreciation.

I have been living in Texas since 1994. I am married to a wonderful man. Scott and I are blessed to have five children. Three of them are now adults and exploring life on their own. Our two youngest, Tina and Scotty are both still in High School and keep me busy going to their school and social activities.

I have been teaching since 1989. I have taught pre-school, Kindergarten and K-4th Math and Reading Intervention at a public ISD.

My love and passion is working with children and helping them succeed in everything they do.

When I am not chauffeuring my own children around to all of their school/sport activities, I enjoy spending time with family, reading, drawing, cooking and going on long runs.

I love working with children and that’s why I am blessed to be part of the MAS team. My classroom is a set up as a creative, fun, positive and safe learning environment for the students. Each student will be working on a variety of different skills that will prepare them for the upcoming year.

I look forward to another wonderful year at Musical Arts Schoolhouse.

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